3-Part Mini-Series



How to Earn More Doing What You Love

Without Burning Out

This 3-part video series is specially designed for Practitioners and Coaches in the Wellness Industry. 

If your calling is to help others and you have an established business or would like to take your business to the next level, wherever your starting point, then this video series is for you.

Over the next 3 days, you will be guided by Maggie Wilde - The Potentialist, owner of a multi-million dollar business, Multi-award winning Author and Practitioner, and the CEO of Mind Potential Publishing to uncover the pathway to create the kind of business that will fulfill your financial, personal and lifestyle goals without burning you out.

Part 1: Clarity

  • Follow Maggie's SCALE Business Model to reveal absolute clarity about the business model that fulfills your:
  • Financial goals
  • Lifestyle goals
  • Industry credibility goals, and provides
  • Emotional, spiritual, and mental balance

Part 2: Awareness

  • Be guided through the steps to assess your existing business or business idea, on the Practitioner and Coach Code Ladder of Success.
  • Once you understand where you are now from today's video, and where you want to be after watching Part 1 of the series, Maggie will help you reveal what has been missing, so you have clarity about what to focus on today to move you to where you want to be.

Part 3: Your Potential

  • This video addresses the 7 reasons Practitioners and Coaches often stay stuck hitting barriers to success. Maggie will support you through her Brain Training Recipe and guide you through releasing what's been holding you back.
  • Let's take steps to create the kind of business you want. The business that reaches more people, provides automated income, and launches you into a role as an Industry Thought Leader.

What People Are Saying:

Within a short time after launch, my book won international awards and took my profile to a new level. I've taken on Associates in my Psychology practice. Thank you, Maggie and the Team

Dr. Olga Lavelle

Having clarity about the kind of business we wanted was gold for us. Our first online course has become an upsell for our existing and new clients. Since launch, the course has added up to $100k of additional turnover.

Colin and Wendy Soper

I run a very busy practice as a psychotherapist, but since launching my book and online course, things have gone to the next level. I loved working with Maggie and the team.

Amanda Dounis

Since deciding to work with Maggie and Mind Potential Publishing my business has boomed. The mental shift I had from being a Naturopath to being a thought leader in the industry was huge, my book gets to reach so many more people than I could in my clinic.

Karlene Georgiadis

I am now a best-selling and award-winning author. I have an online course launched already. But also have 3 others in production that Maggie helped us see were possible for the business.

Megan Harris

Working with Maggie has been amazing. We have an award-winning best-selling book and an online course. Plus so many other little products along the way that means we started from scratch and had a real online business to launch that helps people around the world.

Karyn de Mol

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