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It's Personal & Business Gold for Wellness Practitioners!

Unleashed Mentoring Program is a unique business and personal mentoring program combining emotional and mental support for Wellness Practitioners with great marketing and business growth for their business.


What People Are Saying:

One of the greatest things Maggie showed me is to do the beta trial, it builds an audience, gets more people at webinars series and workshops, builds the audience again. It just keeps building. I did a webinar with 800 people attending the other day. Wonderful. Thank you, Maggie.

Dr. Joy Bowles

Today, I fought the fear, in fact, thanks to Maggie Wilde - The Potentialist, Author, Therapist, Mentor, I just acknowledged it and stepped around it walking forward towards my goal. The stories in your head are just stories after all. And it's my head, so I can choose to change the dialogue! So I did! This year my motto is "Complete". Finishing projects that were incomplete, decluttering my mind, my office and my time bucket. My biggest goal for 2019, so ready to be ticked off as COMPLETE! I am the Quit Lady! My book is out, it's up to Amazon now!

Kelly Asmus-Abornoz - The Quit Lady

Maggie is amazing and inspirational - still absorbing so much from the course!

Marian Taylor

When you follow what Maggie says, you get more clients, you get more likes and follows. That's exactly what has happened

Amanda Dounis - Psychotherapist

Oodles of great info there Maggie. I love these resources.

Brett Cameron - Cameron Hypnotics

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